You call it a crash, I call it a correction; The DJIA dips below 11,000 again

So another giant has fallen, or wait, can’t pay it’s bills. The damn market is just correcting itself again, don’t go panic and start pulling all of your cash out of the bank. It’s like what happened this past weekend here in the midwest, when Ike made its half hearted way through – some idiots spread rumors around Misery, I mean Missouri, that gas was going to $5 a gallon; So every fool around the city ran the numerous gas stations dry and in their self-fulfilled prophecy caused the price of gas to increase about 20 cents.

What is funny is watching these idiots act surprised that they are losing money on stocks that made misleading gains. Tell me when your house was going up in value 10% or more you believed it was true? Tell me these investment bankers didn’t question the “gains” they were getting a few years ago, oh wait, they didn’t care! They simply laughed all the way to the bank. No more laughing, huh. It’s a simple law folks, what goes up, must come down. And if you over inflate a ball, the air will come out much faster than it otherwise would.

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