Who would join in a boycott of Anheuser Busch if InBev’s hostile takeover ends the way they want it to?

Would it matter at all to you if a Belgian Brewer took over the pride and joy of America’s (arguably) favorite and largest beer company? Would a boycott of the newly owned company do anything but hurt the one’s already due to be affected? Surely with InBev’s history of cost cutting and such, many local St. Louis employee’s and distributors will be given the axe. Even if their company stock grows a few percent and they are given some sort of compensation package for being laid off, the employees and surrounding businesses will suffer. Would a threatening of a boycott by the general public have any affect on the sale of the Brewer? I know my reasons for drinking most of Budweisers products are rooted in the fact that many of the employees are my neighbors. Would Americans and St. Louisans alike still drink their products if a Belgian Company were brewing them in our backyards, I think not. So, join me friends, announce the fact that you will boycott Anheuser Busch if they are sold to InBev, by signing this petition today.

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  1. When the buy out goes through, I will be through buying AB products. I’ll only buy independent micro beers.

  2. Bud Light is one of my favorite beers, along with Becks. Should this deal happen, I will be heading to the smooth, refreshing taste of Keystone!

  3. Ironic. Americans are all about capitalism…but now that InBev is in position to take over Anheuser Busch, the lunatic right-wingers are demanding the same kind of socialist/communist protectionism that the nutty left-wingers espouse.

  4. Well, the deal went through. I will no longer be purchasing any Anheuser-Busch products from this day forward.

    Drink Coors instead!

  5. I agree. American icons, American history shouldn’t be sold off like the property in Monopoly. Someone said the Budwiser is America in a bottle. I’m not a big Bud drinker but I love some of the products that are affiliated with Anhuser Busch. But I’m willing to stop drinking them altogether – AMERICA OR BUST!

    I’m not an isolationist, I simply feel that the things that helped make this country great should remain American. I’d feel the same way if it were Ford or Chevy, Coke or Pepsi.

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