Wal-Mart is doing well in this recession, and will continue to be a success

In my previous article I looked at those companies that were profitable in the the 1930’s and during the great depression. I went on to talk about the five and dime stores of that time (Woolworth) and related them to current day stores such as Walmart. I told you that these types of companies, if managed properly, would greatly profit when hard times fall upon our economy, as they offer the cheaper alternative. Today, Bloomberg pointed out that Walmart and Costco profited recently from the tax-rebate check spending. What can we learn from this? This money was sent to stimulate the economy in hard times, and a huge chunk of the recipients used their proceeds at these discount retailers to buy “Grocery, entertainment and health products.” We can see people are sticking to buying the necessities. Those companies that produce and sell these products at the most affordable price will do the best, and it would be wise to invest in them.

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