This “New Stimulus Bill” is a scam like the Bailout Bill and here is why

Let me preface this article with a quick background on my political beliefs, to quickly squash any doubts about this authors’ potential ulterior political motives. I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal. I voted Republican for GWB’s first election, for Kerry thereafter, and Obama most recently. I despise what GWB did to this country with regards to foreign relations but thought for the most part his fiscal policy made sense (besides the wasteful spending on Iraq, etc.). I voted for Obama for one reason only, to end this senseless war in Iraq. Having said that, hopefully you can tell that I am not here to bash Democrats or even Republicans for that matter, rather to challenge common sense and have my readers do the same.

Now, to get to the heart of this matter, the new stimulus package is a farce, and Obama is trying to use his new found celebrity status and power to push through his social agenda, on the backs of hard working Americans, and we are experiencing a bait and switch of epic proportions. Remember, I voted for the man – but that doesn’t mean I, nor should you have to agree with anything or everything he is doing, rather we should challenge it and use critical thinking in analyzing what and why he is doing what he is.

It is our responsibility to ensure our children have a future not burdened by our debt. Moreover, job creation should not come at the expense of taxing other people, by this I mean – you are not creating a new job that adds any value to the economy if you are simply taking money from someone else in that economy to pay for it. For example, if you have 30 workers, and you lower all of their incomes to pay for a 31st worker, you haven’t created any additional value. The total money all 31 workers make remains the same as the 30.

I would like to provide an analogy that will prove useful in understanding what exactly is going on in congress, and why I have such discontent with this bill in particular. Let’s talk about a company now we’ll call Company XYZ. Let’s say XYZ is publicly traded, or owned by a number of people. The management and Board is bound by their shareholders, the same way our government is supposed to be bound by its citizens. Now, let’s say XYZ is experiencing problems with their business, like the American economy, and people are being continually laid off as revenue and profits fall due to cyclical economic conditions. XYZ’s CEO, declares to all that he has a plan to to stop the layoffs, and create new jobs within the company. The workers are excited and rally behind their CEO. The CEO then creates a master plan of spending to accomplish his intentions, that has to be approved by the board and shareholders. His plan includes spending $825 billion dollars by taking on additional debt (which costs money to borrow, and is the companies and in turn shareholders responsibility to pay back). He plans to spend the following to create new jobs and help the company grow:

$275 Billion on lowering taxes for existing workers, to allow them to keep more of their money, as to have more money to spend on buying company products.

$119 Billion on fixing budget gaps for different divisions of the company, as they have been forced to layoff people because they don’t have the cash to pay them.

$117 Billion on education and training for employees.

$106 Billion for severance pay.

$90 Billion to fix the buildings, parking garages, office, etc.

$54 Billion to become more energy efficient.

$10 Billion on R&D, to hopefully make a product breakthrough.

$6 Billion to update phone lines.

$48 Billion on misc./other spending.

Now, from a shareholders perspective, which one of the above requests will actually help create new jobs with the spending? Remember, the main objective of this CEO is to create jobs, and help the company, similar to what Obama professes as his objective.

Let me answer this for you, none of them accomplish this task. The shareholders of the company would laugh this CEO right out of the company and the board of directors would think he is crazy. The  CEO would in fact create new jobs like he promised, however, they would be at the expense of every single existing employee and or shareholder, and they would do very little if anything to help the company grow. Moreover, the cost of the debt would significantly counter if not overburden the anticipated benefits.

The above list is Obama’s stimulus plan and should be laughed out of congress, instead you have a bunch of idiot congressmen bobbing their heads in compliance, along with ignorant American people who have no idea they’re being scammed. They think this stimulus bill will be like the first, where they are going to get hard cash in their hands now, which isn’t the case. This is merely a trick to pass Obama’s socialistic agenda, and it should be fought tooth and nail. I’m not saying these things don’t need to happen, I’m saying he is telling us they will do something they won’t in order to get them passed. If he wants to address these issues, he should do so in a different manner and not under the guise of a stimulus plan.

We have built unmaintainable expectations in America, instead of trying to get back to the unmaintainable, allow the economy to contract as it should.. don’t waste money on frivolous ideas that will put us deeper in debt as a nation, potentially pushing our country closer to an eminent collapse.

Please Democrats, Republicans, Independents and every other party in America, quit fighting over partisan politics and following our leaders blindy, let’s team together to stop this nonsense. Please pass this article on to friends and family and spread the word.

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