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After looking at the companies from my research, it has become apparent during the great depression stock crash, recession, war and economic downturn, the following companies remained the strongest and most profitable (keep in mind we are talking about the largest public companies, not necessarily all companies including privately held ones):

  • Chemical

  • Natural resources like oil, mining of different precious metals (such as steel, copper, nickel, etc.)

  • Utilities

  • Discount retail stores

  • Tobacco

  • Vehicle manufacturing

  • Machinery and Equipment construction

  • Home building

Now, would this list relate well to todays markets? Maybe in some regards, but in various other ways not so much. As you know, a few of the major companies listed above are in dire financial positions today, as the market has completely changed (and the American car manufacturers are losing because they are not competitive globally among many other things).

Having kept the above in mind; I would think the best companies to invest in now (in times of war, recession, and bear markets) would be the following:

Keeping in mind that a company still has to be managed properly in order to be profitable, my suggestion would be to invest in companies that produce or supply:

Household goods: (like Proctor and Gamble), Discount grocery and retail stores (like Aldi, Wal-mart, Target, Sears).

Oil Companies: (if there isn’t already a huge bubble in the market that is ready to pop)

Private label companies: (I’m certain that the branded companies will have a harder time selling their goods when there are cheaper alternatives)

Alternative Transportation companies: Over the road truckers might be in for a real shock if they havn’t experienced it already at the pumps, I’m guessing as they lose the ability to make transporting profitable, rail companies will get their business. As oil prices continue to rise, flatcars pushing containers will become common place again.

Low cost providers: People will lose an appetite for extras when it comes down to it. Seek those companies that are generic and cost efficient.

Aerospace companies and companies whom make defense systems.

War Weapons, artillery, machinery and equipment There is no telling if the war mongers will continue their invasions, if the liberals have anything to do with the prevention, you can probably count on it.

Now, you may look at some companies I am mentioning, for example food companies, and see that they’re losing money recently. Well, this has to do with their ability to pass rising comodity prices to the consumer quickly enough. Once they’ve stabilized their cost pass through, these companies will post nice gains.

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