Reservation Rewards and are scam artists, beware

Update to this post: Web Loyalty, Inc. customer service/ consumer affairs has contacted me and offered a full refund. UPDATE 2: They followed through on their words and I have received $210 back. I encourage you to request your money back in full, and post any updates in the comments below, if you have no other means of getting your voice heard as to this “scam.” I truly feel I was scammed even though they returned my money.

If you don’t pay close enough attention to your checking account you could be getting scammed like myself. I purchased flowers from back in March of 2007, and just finally caught a recurring charge for $10 a month. FTD willingly allowed me to be ripped off as I did not sign up for any offer, however, I was entered into a subscription and they gave reservation rewards my card number and uthorization. I called reservation rewards, aka Web Royalty, Inc. and was able to get back 6 months worth of fraudulent charges.. but beyond that it’s my loss. Basically, those $50 flowers for my wife ended up costing over $200. This pisses me off to no end and I do not reccomend doing business with FTD at all.

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