My site has been sandboxed from google searches, here is how I fixed it.

So, my site was sandboxed from Google, and wow did it hurt, my instant income stream dropped off the map. You can see below how the google searches plummeted all of sudden one day. I know what caused them sandbox my site, but I’m unsure there was little I could have done to prevent it, as something corrupted my robot.txt without my knowledge. When I did figure it out, it was too late, and my site had been swallowed into a vacuum like sinkhole of bye-bye. Now, other things were going on to, namely my site when down due to my autopay feature with my host not working properly, but my site was down for less than 2 hours. In addition, I may have unkowingly allowed some spam comments to be posted, so be careful about that too. After correcting the robot.txt file, I tried posting several times, to no avail. Nothing I could do to get the googlebot to come reindex my site, besides using the google webmaster tools and submitting a ticket to be reconsidered. I completely stopped getting google search for a litttle over a month, then all of a sudden, as soon as they disappeared, they reappeared. So, if this happens to you, make sure your robot file is not blocking the bots, your host isn’t down, or you haven’t allowed any recent spam comments to be posted to your site. I hope this helps you. It sure pissed me off.


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