My 401k has lost over 5% in the past couple of weeks, and I don’t care

Why wouldn’t I care? Because I’m 30 years old and will be investing for over 30 years more. I remember my mother fretting back in 2001, telling me she was going to take everything out! I exclaimed “NO,” there is no way in hell you should do that. She was convinced that the best thing she could do was stop the bleeding now. I convinced her, that she would be in the market for another 15-20 years, let the market go up and down, in the long run you would be way better off. And she was way better off after following my advice. Her portfolio losses of nearly 20% rebounded and she was able to make back all that money she was convinced she never would. We should keep in mind these things when the stock market faces tough times. Those whom continually invest and stick to their plan will profit the most, not the ones that get scared and try and run to protect themselves. You should have been invested in bonds and such by now if you are nearing retirement, if not that is a mistake of your own, and you should ride out the wave if at all possible.

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