So, you’re ready to start investing? Well that is great and all, but maybe you should consider doing some research before you start your journey. It’s all about saving you time and money, as blind investing is akin to gambling. It is much better to devise a plan before you get started, otherwise you have no idea what your goals are or should be and what type of plan you should use to invest. I’ve created a quick list of questions to start as your investorguide or guide to understanding this investment process.

Bottom line, you need ask yourself the following questions (and more) before you get started with investments, unless of course you are a contrarian:

1. How long do I plan on investing for?
2. What is the right asset mix for me?
3. Where to invest?
4. How should my investments change as I get older?
5. What are my investment options?
6. How should I invest? What are the best brokers or brokerage firms available to me based upon cost and service?
7. How much should I invest? (whether it be $1000, $2000, $5000, or $10000 and above, it makes sense to understand how much you should be setting aside and investing.)

This leads to more questions such as:
1. Should I invest in a mutual fund or is it better if I invest in individual stocks?
2. Should I invest in gold?
3. Do I need a financial advisor? (Ask what type of financial advisory services they offer before signing up and what credentials they have; Are they a certified financial planner or CFP for short? Are they simply some other type of financial advisor without any real qualifications? Financial advisory services and selection should be important to you). Note that there are several shady financial consultant in the financial industry that hand out bad financial advice).
4. Keep in mind, there is no such thing as “free investing,” however there is plentiful free information out there to help you, starting with this investing article from an insightful investing blog.

Check out many more of my articles and lessons (listed to the right) that will help you answer most all of the above questions!

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