How much money do the Big 3 executives make?

Before you commit to wanting to send big money to the Big 3 – check out how much just a few top executives make at each one of the respective automakers. Keep in mind, they are only required to show the salaries and other compensation of the top officers and directors at public companies, not all other senior management (which could easily dwarf in total what ridiculous sums these guys make).

The GM top 5 guys raked in nearly $39,000,000 in 2007, while running their companies into the ground.

The top 5 at Ford raked in almost $50,000,000 in fiscal year ending 2007, while running their company into the ground.

The top 5 at Chrysler LLC. made, oh wait, we don’t know as they went private in 2007 – “Cerberus Capital Management owns 80.1% of Chrysler and Daimler A.G. owns the remaining 19.9%. ”

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