Getting rich like google does it, making you work for free

How does google make so much money off of advertising? Many claim that their adsense program is not the lion share of their revenue, but it has to be. Where else do you see the majority of their ads? Maybe they have do have a chunk that are specific to certain sites, such as Fark, or Digg, or whatever, but it’s hard to believe that tops their adsense for content or search.

Now why am I even talking about this? Because I think they are screwing over millions with their $100 payment threshold. I mean, the average blogger probably is just thinking of their adsense money as a secondary reward, but many are trying to actually make money from their site.

Now, google is a trustworthy company from what I know, and they do make their payouts in a timely manner, but what good are they if the vast majority never reach their payout. I know, I know, they knew this when they signed up, that the minimum payout is a $100, but what the average blogger didn’t know was they wouldn’t see a freaking dime of that because it would take years and years to reach $100.

So how does google report these earnings and liabilities? I would be curious to know. What I mean is this, they’ve already collected the money from the advertisers (or do so when their ads are clicked upon), but they don’t payout in most cases to the people that drove those clicks, because nobody reaches the minimum payment. How does google account for that liability (to the actual advertisers), or do they even have to because they way the contract is setup? There is no question in my mind that Google set that threshold of $100 knowing that 90% or more of their advertisers would never see a dime, and the profits would be all theirs. Not to mention, you don’t know what you will be paid for a click until after the fact (sure you can get an estimate with tools like google traffic estimator).

What a business model, I mean, no wonder they’re so goddam successful. Shouldn’t we all setup our own companies like this? I could just see it, we don’t pay our bills until they reach $100 – that would make an ass ton of suppliers really happy. So why aren’t more bloggers pissed off or doing anything? I’m lost for an answer as I sit and watch the metric assload of retards start up their blogs for a couple of months and then disappear. I would say google is partly responsible for half of the useless crap out on the web with regards to blogs.

We would surely make more money then we would of off of adsense by just creating our own group, that is honest, and pays ourselves, rather than some overpaid CEOs.

In conclusion, Google knows how to make you slave for that dollar you will never earn, so they can slide it right into their pockets. The average blogger shouldn’t even waste their time setting up the ads on their site for one reason. They won’t see a dime, only Google will. Google is cool and all, but why do you want to make them rich at your expense?

Some are still wondering why do I have google ads on my site then? Well, I actually do make enough to hit that threshold, it only took a couple of years of insanely mad work – but there are few alternatives for now.

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