Suze Orman, what exactly are your credentials?

I’ve been somewhat dumbfounded at the popularity of Suze Orman, since I posted an article about her on Larry King several months ago I continue to receive a ton of traffic. So, I started looking into the glimpse of stupidity I witnessed through her on Larry King to see that in fact, there is more to the story.  It seems this lady is pure marketing genius, without much in the form of credentials. It seems to me, someone handing out financial advice as often as she does should have some sort of eduction. However, looking everywhere for any mention of education proved futile. It seems, unless proved otherwise, she is strangling women all over the country with her words as truth, simply because she is a woman, rather than on any merit. That’s not to say that some of Suze’s common sense tips and advice aren’t all fine and dandy, and helpful to some or many – but they aren’t based on anything but her word.

I found an article written over 10 years ago at Forbes that highlighted this fact quite well.Evidently, anyone can call themselves a financial planner, without actually having to obtain any necessary licenses. This just goes to show, be wise and consider the source – even if they are an award winning author – it doesn’t mean they actually know what in the hell they are talking about or that you should listen to them.

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