Fall tips to save money – Live green and save cash

yard wasteIt’s that time of the year again, and the leaves are falling. Below, we have compiled a list of things you can do to help save some money as you begin to prepare for winter, not to mention – ways to live greener.

Many people have very large trees that dump massive amounts of leaves and so they go to the store and purchase multiple paper yard waste bags to fill and dump.

  • Instead of buying paper yard waste bags (at $2-3 per 5-bag pack), use an old trash can (make certain it’s clean of trash before filling).
  • Before going back to the stores to buy more pants or winter shirts, do a fall recount – reorganize and re-evaluate all your current clothes. Too often people waste money on things they already have because they’ve forgotten about them. Why buy another pair of blue slacks when you already have some in the box in the basement?
  • Start planning your Thanksgiving meal plans now, and clip coupons ahead of time. Planning for this occasion now can help you prevent from over spending when you get to the store and help you find some great deals that will save you money.
  • It’s not too early to watch out for Christmas deals either. Start your list of people you need to buy for, and watch out for great deals. Maybe you’re looking for something unique for a child or someone special this year – instead of piling on to the toys they already have or jewelry or sweaters – consider setting them up a HSBC Direct Online Savings Account. No fees and no minimums. or a custodial investment account- ( – but it ends this month). Now that’s a gift they will be reminded of for a long time.