My name is Mark and I work as a General Accounting Manager for a large Food Manufacturing company headquartered in St. Louis, MO. I began this site to truly help inform my friends and family about investing and saving and budgeting and more, and then thought, why the heck not give everyone this valuable information.

My mission is to make this process as simple as possible, to focus on providing valuable investing lessons for anyone at any level. More or less, I think it is near impossible for one to find advice in terms that someone without a financial background could understand.

I’m a father of 3 (soon to be 4), so my times of going out have come to pretty much an end. Having said that, after the kids get to bed, I’m intent on filling my time by educating myself and others, hopefully to have something for my kids to look back on as well to help them as they begin the process of managing their own finances. Not to mention, through promotion of my advertisers, I can make an extra buck or two. I will not however, compromise my values and ethics in order to push a sponsor down your throat. I think there is value in offering you specific products that can help you save money, and in most cases ads that I serve from google can be relevant and helpful to those whom are searching for certain information I might not have.

What makes me so qualified to help you, or why should trust my advice or opinions? Besides my over 10 years experience as an professional Accountant, I have a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Southeast Missouri State University, as well as a Masters’ degree in business I obtained at Fontbonne University here in St. Louis. I understand most everything financial and can break it down for you to understand easily. But keep in mind, you should still consult a certified financial planner or such for specific advice for you.

Last, I’ve decided to start a challenge to myself and my readers, to help teach saving, budgeting, goal setting, investing and much more. You should seriously take a look at the 401kMaze 30 day challenge, and see if you can change your habits for the future. You will learn a ton of information and hopefully you will find my daily updates well worth the read, I’m certain it will provide you significant value and for free. Check it out right now!

401kMaze Challenge

I hope you enjoy my lessons too, I am quite certain they will clarify much of the questions you have. Please write me with any and all questions you have, I promise to reply ASAP.


  1. thanks for helping understand compound interest!

  2. Hey Jim, thanks for your comment! – no problem at all. I hope you read through my lessons and come back for more, as I will be updating this site as often as possible.

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