401kMaze Challenge Day 6 – Saturday

soldSo, it’s Saturday, time to evaluate how we’ve done so far, and what we’ve saved. For me, I’ve saved about $40 more than I would have otherwise, by simply setting a budget and sticking to it. How well have you done? Evaluate what went wrong, if anything, and make a plan to correct your mistakes in the future. This is not something that is going to happen overnight, however, with persistence, you can overcome your animal nature and win.

I don’t have much time as I’m busy preparing for the new baby to come, cleaning house, etc. It’s a good time to make you stop and think though, as I see myself finding a bunch of junk around the house that we no longer have use for – clean your crib and see what junk you never use, that you could sell to help you kickstart your savings account. Maybe times are tough, and you already save every last dime you have. I’ve found several dollars in change around the house, and I’m adding that to my can proceeds. But even more, I’ve found a bunch of stuff that I can sell on ebay and Craigslist. I personally prefer Craigslist, as it’s completely free – however, you typically have to deal with people one on one. If you’re not too comfortable with that, ebay is simple and intuitive and you can deal with your buyer completely through email.

It’s time to round up your old crap and sell it for savings. Let me know how it goes – I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’m going to sell – what about you?

Tomorrow, we’ll lay the groundwork for the next full week. See you then!

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