10 Reasons you’ll amount to nothing in life, loser

momsThis is the first time we’ve ever created a top ten list, and hopefully the last. The reason we’re doing this is to draw some attention from the idiots out there – in hopes of having them change their ways – and the best way to grab their attention – is through a top 10 list.

Here is the 401kMaze.com top 10 reasons you’ll amount to nothing in life (in no particular order you loser):

10. You’re waiting for the right time to leave mom’s basement.
9. You think school is too difficult or the wrong thing for you and you can do better on your own.
8. You think the lottery or the casino is a retirement plan.
7. You would rather work for money than have money work for you.
6. You can’t seem to ditch your old loser friends.
5. You spend your free time playing computer or video games.
4. You think reading means skimming articles at digg, reddit, or fark.
3. You check Facebook more than once a month.
2. You’re too good for a particular job, yet still don’t have one.
1. You’re lazy, a liar, and blame others for your situation.

Now, we don’t want you to leave here all pissed off, so let’s provide some context to the top 10 points above and some recommendations for getting your ass straightened out starting today.

Some people do have adequate reasons for living at mom’s house, but not many do. If you’re simply transitioning back from college, or if you’ve lost your job and have no other choice, then it’s understandable. But far too many people live at mom and dads and simply party every night. Everyone can see you’re a loser but yourself? Grow up and GTFO. You’re the laughing stock of the party you drunk, useless, asshat.

True, school is not for everyone, but most people who say that are just being lazy. There’s something to be said about the people who think that any college degree will do too, that’s bullshit and you’re marketing degree is probably going to be worthless, so before you pick a major – you better make damn sure you can find a job that pay’s enough to cover your loans and lifestyle you want to live after you’ve completed your degree. Otherwise, you better find a sugardaddy or sugar mama, because you’re going to be broke. Instead of picking a degree or major on doing something you like, find something that pays well – and do what you like outside of work. Inevitably, working for others will suck no matter what you do. Until you can build a stock portfolio that makes money with the money you’ve put in, so you can live off of investments, you will have to work for others.

There’s a good reason the casinos are so bright and shiny, with million dollar chandeliers, because they’re taking your money. Surely you may win a few times, or many – but over the long run – they’re taking your money, all of it. Playing the lotto is just as stupid, if you think you’re going to be that one person out of 140 million to hit it big, don’t waste more than a dollar on the lotto. It’s truly stupid considering you could take that money and invest it to make real loot that makes you more.

Your loser friends? Put yourself around people who are doing things with their lives, not the other way around. It may suck to cut the ties with your old friends, but they’re bringing you down, and you won’t be friends with most of them anyway down the road, so let them go. Seriously, worry about yourself and not them.

The way out of the rat race is to have money working for you, instead of you working for money. But it takes time to build an empire. With a good plan, you could start having your money work for you. The average historical return in the stock market is around 10%, the idea should be to put as much money away as possible in investments. If you started doing this right out of college, you could have a realistic plan in place to be retired in 20 years or less. If not, enjoy your continued quest to work for more money, instead of having your money work for you.

You have to get away from the time wasters, do something that is fun yet can help you make money on the side. Start a blog, learn something new. Video games are fun, but they will never help you become financially free. Why not push that off until everything else is done and you are free?

The social networking trap has been set, and you are wasting your valuable time you could be using to build yourself an empire, by helping someone else build theirs. It’s fun to read sites like Digg, Reddit, or Fark – or one the hundreds of others out there – but most of the information is useless, and repeated. Why not add something to the conversation, than simply reading crap. How about creating information that is useful and research oriented, that could help make you more money. Facebook is great networking tool – but too many people waste their lives away updating their profile, playing mafia wars or farmville, when they could be creating their own empire.

Too many people think they’re just too good for so many jobs it’s hilarious. Well, you’re much more a loser if you sit around and don’t do anything, rather than taking a job at the local fast food joint. There’s no reason you can’t still actively find a job while working at a crappy place. And if you’re having problems doing that, then your full time job should be finding a job. Get your ass up like you have to go to work in the morning, and start banging out the resumes to everyone and their brother.

People can see through your lies, even though you may think you’re cool. You’re tricking nobody but yourself and you’re mom if you’re lucky. It’s time for you to get off your ass, get a job – get an education, and start making money work for you, loser.

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